Videogénique Redesign

I worked on a team to redesign the website of Raphael Rodolfi’s video production company Videogénique, creating a new look that better showcases his work and services. I was the Visual and Content Owner on the team so I was in charge of what content went where, as well as what information would be displayed and how it would be presented. 


Design Process of the Home Page

From left to right are the initial redesign mockup, the updated mockup, and the final design implemented on the website. As the Visual and Content Owner of the team it was my responsibility to oversee the selection of content and its placement on the mockups. The client wanted an “edgy” design for his website so instead of having a regular horizontal header we used angled triangles for the framing of the header. This decision was also made with the client’s new branding in mind as it involved a repeating geometric pattern. When writing the body copy for the home page I used StoryBrand principles to structure the information and present to users how they could trust and relate to our client. Through our many meetings with the client, we were able to make revisions based on the client’s feedback and create a final design that he loved and was very happy with.


Home Page redesign mockup


About Page Redesign Mockup


Services Page Redesign Mockup

(The gray squares were placeholders for icons that would be inserted with Elementor in WordPress)


Portfolio Page Mockup Redesign


Contact Page Redesign Mockup